"The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do."

Walter Bagehot

Services Comparison

The number of transactions completed through real estate agents is still very low in Austria compared to in other countries. A lot of people are asking themselves: “Why should I pay someone to do things that I can do myself for less?"

Our goal at PEARL REAL® is to always give you immediate and sustainable added value. We have you tell us how well we are living up to this promise after every transaction and generously acknowledge your feedback.

We set a standard for ourselves on which we are unwilling to compromise, namely that your investment in services from PEARL must always be worth it for you, both in terms of their costs and in terms of the value you receive. This is why we would like to offer you this services comparison which shows you exactly how we create sustainable, real value for you in various areas.

    Service Area
  • Property search
  • Financing
    (when buying)
  • Transaction
  • Insurance
Comparison Buyers and Renters
  • Extensive research on diverse media
  • Complex communication with numerous providers / agents
  • Preparation of property comparisons to weigh up pros and cons
  • Preparation of a financing concept
  • Search for and selection of the right financing partner
  • Negotiating the terms
  • Obtaining financing approval
  • Search for and selection of the right attorney (purchase/lease agreement)
  • Search for and selection of the right tax adviser (when purchasing)
  • Search for and selection of the right notary (when purchasing)
  • Search for and selection of the insurance consultant and package
  • Profile analysis so you can get an exact understanding of your needs
  • Presentation of real estate properties that are a perfect fit
  • Brokering from our database with partners or active new research
  • Trained personnel to accompany you when you view properties
  • Brokering the right financing partner for your mortgage loan
  • Assistance during negotiations
  • Potential investment by PEARL REAL GmbH
  • Brokering attorneys, tax advisers and/or notaries who suit your needs from our PEARL reference network and network of trusted partners
  • Brokering an insurance consultant/agent who specialises in serving your concrete needs